Here’s What They Say

Ijya Chugh knows well about the art of expressing feelings through words and this adds a professional touch in her writing. She also know how to build a story gradually and that allows her to develop interest in the reader’s mind.
In addition to that, she is a kind of person who always strives to create her own identity. I wish her to achieve greater heights and set an example for all those girls out there who are dreaming to be independent.

Ratan Jaiswal, Poet

Ijya Chugh, a woman of letters is a phenomenal wordsmith. Catching sight of her art makes one believe that some matches are made in heaven. Truly, an assiduous personality who focuses on polishing herself each day and believes in sharpening her sword of words. Not just a writer or a vocal artist, moreover, a great human being too. The boldness and confidence that she carries speak for themselves whenever she performs with her words alongside. Her perception underlines the creativity that she possesses. Not only creative in her work but even her creativity towards life’s situations make her a friendly guide and a human with an outstanding persona.

Harprateek, Poet

Ijya Chugh….the name says it all and if it doesn’t well then read on… Well if you haven’t read or heard any of her work then I suggest you do that ASAP. There’s always a sense of admiration and connection that you feel after going through her work. “Creativity can be put into words” and this is shown by her sense of passion and strong words. Why wait for good things when it’s in front of you..go now and experience something new, as it’s a journey that you’ll never forget.

Pranav Malhotra

This muggle-born has a way with words. She revels in the quidditch of her imagination and words. It’s indeed a treat to the eyes! I have witnessed her performance at various open mic events and have enjoyed the escalation of her performance graph right from her debut till date. As per post event chat report, it has been said that she has eye for nitigrities.😉 I personally applaud her balance she has in maintaining her active blog, insta handle and her professional life.
This, dear readers is a very brief insight of Ijya Chugh!😁
P.S : She loves Harry Potter🧙‍♂

Jigyasa Sahay, Poet