Here’s What They Say

A true writer feels the romance, the feelings within the words and without…that’s exactly what Ijya is all about. Her affair with words and life is very much apparent in her composition. A profound thinker and creator, it is a pleasure reading Ijya

Nisha Misra, Assistant Professor, Amity Institute of Corporate communication (AICC)

Ijya has proved to be a great asset to my homegrown creative brand. She sets high standards for her work, and is extremely organized and professional, never missing a deadline. I have also collaborated with her beautiful creative words, quotes and poems with my artworks too. It has been a thrill working with her.
Ijya is a true professional, detail oriented and creative person. I highly recommend her creative writing talent to anyone who is looking to expand their business with great success. I continue to look for opportunity to work with her again.

Bharti Gupta, Creative Entrepreneur- My Euphoric Diary

Ijya has the artistry to create a narrative using her big bag of words. She writes wonderful poetry and stories which you can enjoy reading in your leisure time. I have worked with Ijya in the past and delegated many copy writing projects to her. I can say that she can understand client requirements and write an excellent content piece within a given guideline and timeline. She is a creative, punctual and highly motivated individual. I recommend Ijya to your business for copy writing projects.

Chintan Ramanuj, Former Marketing & Operations Associate, White Panda

Ijya, to me, is a person with a fighting spirit for all the good causes she believes in. She is very passionate about poetry and uses it to express her thoughts and opinions, which is always a delightful experience for her audience.

Naguib Anam, Digital Marketing Executive and Former Sport Blogger