Field Workers

Working in the fields of grain and pain
Making worth out of life for living
Their efforts go in vain
Because there’s no gratitude
No sign of appreciation
From the ones, who benefit in their name
These fieldworkers tell me a story
Of their sadness and their glory
These fieldworkers are strong men,
Woman of hard work and children of innocence
These fieldworkers tell me a story
They work day and night
And I crib for a stupid pizza-bite?
They stay under the bright sun all day long
And I don’t sleep in an “all-lights-out”
They sweat and bleed to complete their chores
And I get tired of doing my course
How can I say that I do more?
When they do so much,
and so much more?
These field workers tell me a story
That they are selfless and live their glory
I am a selfish brat and do my work
“My boss would kill me”,
“My dad will scold me”,
Are the only thoughts
It’s strange turn of things,
Where “I” is more than “We” can ever be

Picture Courtesy: Pulkit Singh

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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