Fiction-Fantasy, Prose-Poetry

The above mentioned alliteration highlights the key elements of my creative sphere.

My noticeable work circumambulate around poems, poetic-stories, articles and quotes. I have also written two short stories and am working on a few more. Books are my secondary O2.

Fiction, mystery, adventure and motivational genres have always been on the top of my periodic table. They have been instrumental in enriching my knowledge.

Being a part of the Gram-generation, I have an active social media presence on Instagram and writing platforms YourQuote and Mirakee. Also, you can find my Mellifluous Murmurings here on WordPress. I have a knack for off-handed photography (not a passion nor a profession!). These photographs become the testimonies of my thoughts and experiences.

On various occasions, I have performed my poetry at Open-Mic Events organised across Delhi NCR. Being a Muggle-born, I like to indulge in word craft and look forward to enhance my word-wizardry.

Find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ijyachugh/

Find me on Mirakee: https://www.mirakee.com/ijya_hearts