I am a shoe

I am a shoe

I am a shoe!

And I am ready to hit the ground, running…

Well, don’t worry. I am not Rachel and I am proud to be a shoe that I have become. A shoe of all terrains. A shoe which supports, comforts and stays strong throughout the journey.

I go with every outfit, be it kurta-pyjama or a pair of denims or a little black dress, which makes me a perfect companion in your wardrobe.

Nowadays, I lurk over the turfs of the Gram-world. You can find me jogging along the side lanes of Instagram, or find some older footprints on YourQuote and Mirakee. Sometimes, I stumble back to where I started with some Mellifluous Murmurings here on WordPress.

Off late, I have been getting more inclined towards Art and Photography. They are my new favourite hobbies. You can find some of those musings on my Instagram page.

Hoping to make your day a little better, while you run with me.

Find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ijyachugh/

Find me on Mirakee: https://www.mirakee.com/ijya_hearts