प्यार करते है पर जानते नहीं है
जान कर भी ज़ालिम कुछ कहते नहीं है;
ख्वाब देखते है पर अमल करते नहीं है
भूल कर भी ख्वाबों को भूलाते नहीं है;
ऐसे है हमारे लोग आज कल,
सोच कर भी हार कभी मानते नहीं है।
We do not know about love, but we have it in our hearts;
Even when we know about it, we don’t express our love.
We have dreams but do not execute them;
But we don’t forget them even by mistake!
This is our people today,
We do not believe in defeat, even after tasting defeat.

Welcome, Namaste!

My blog is not only a story about you and me, it’s a journey between emotions and logic.

I have crafted it with all my love, I hope you like it!