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In collaboration with Mr Mohit Sharma a.k.a Rudra Shandilya

The favorite son of god,
The rebellion, the vicious,
The worthy of laud.
Casted out from the heaven,
In the embrace of sins seven.
– Rudra Shandilya
He was inconspicuous ,
Hidden by the legions of darker realms.
He was luminous,
Shimmerd by the pretence of benevolence.
He was the dark, the darkness itself,
The demon of demons, the curser of help,
The butchered wings fell, from the sky above,
In the fire of hell, the son unloved.
-Rudra Shandilya
But he rose from his fall,
To rise again from his treacherous crawl,
The sands of time vented rage on all
“Your humans will die, and I won’t be the reason at all”
Said Lucifer with all his acrimony.
The betrayal had befallen upon earth
Betrayed by heaven, betrayed by hell,
The Lucifer was condemned into the cell,
In the pit of abyss containing his soul,
His laughter was cruel, his mission was hewn
As the Lucifer tore apart his own home,
he kept His humans, harrowed for more.
– Rudra Shandilya & ijya_hearts
“Alas! The power of powers, the father of all
The lord of every angel, could not stop me (no more)
I will slaughter every chance, every inch of happiness
Hail oh Thee, behold my presence

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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