Red Mercedes

She strolled towards me, wearing her red sari. I was sitting at my desk obediently doing my work. I glanced up, and there she was staring at me. I fumbled and dropped my eyes onto my notebook, I could feel her smile piercing through me. Slowly, she slid my notebook aside and sat on the desk. Shocked, I pulled myself back, staring at her in horror. Her waist was completely exposed, right in front on my eyes. I couldn’t understand, I awkwardly looked towards my friend, who was ogling at her, drooling over his notebook. Suddenly I scrabbled and blinked, “What’s happening here!” I thought to myself. She continued to sit on my desk. I got up and excused myself for the washroom and frantically ran out of my classroom, everyone behind me giggled foolishly. I was a class tenth student. She was my teacher.

She called me over to the staff room to help her with the registers. I dreaded for that zero period to start. As the awful time of the period started, I walked unwillingly towards the staffroom. I knocked and asked for permission, “May I come in, Ma’am?” I purposely emphasized that word. Someone granted me permission. As I entered I was relieved to see that most of the other teachers were sitting at their desks. She smiled again and ordered, “Come sit here, please tally these registers for me”. She handed over a bunch of attendance registers and walked out. I felt relieved, and let out a sigh of relief. “Maybe I was just thinking too much”, I thought to myself. “She wasn’t trying to hit on me…. I was mistaken”, I assured myself.  After half an hour of messy register work, the Bell rang. The next period had started, I had to rush for my next class but I had to take her permission as well. I looked around, she was nowhere to be seen. All the other teachers, started to shuffle around and leave for their respective classes. And then. She came back in. The whole staffroom was now empty. It was just me and my class-teacher. My heart sank, beating rapidly. She seated herself in the chair beside me, looking furiously at the register that I had prepared. “Ma’am, I have a Math class now, I…..” I couldn’t complete my sentence. “What is this rubbish?” she asked me heatedly, “I had told you to make a proper register and look what a mess you have created here”. I felt a bead of sweat on my forehead, maybe I did something wrong. “Ma’am please give me another chance, I’ll correct it”, I said sheepishly, pulling the register towards myself. She held my hand tightly, and everything happened so fast, she had come dangerously close to me. “I’ll have to punish you for this” her face dead serious. She winked and stroke her hand over my face, “Why don’t you take a take break for some time” Her hands were moving up my leg swiftly and I tried to pull away, but oh no. Panting all I could do was beg, “Ma’am, please. I’m sorry, Ma’am it’s hurting……”

She thought it was late to buy dinner. It was easier to order online. But she called over to my outlet, “Hi, I want to have a chilly cheese pizza, your specialty”. “Alright miss, your address?” I replied. “Oh dear you already know it, didn’t you come in the evening for tuition?” My eyes popped open and I slammed the phone. The pizza couldn’t be delivered.

College was a much easier life than school had ever been. I made so many friends, we were cool buddies hanging out one day. We went on a drive in my friend’s Zen. At a busy road, we hit a red light, the traffic was so slow due to the much cluttered road that we knew it’s going to take a long time to get across the signal. We noticed it for the first time, when the red light changed to green. Racing rashly through the traffic came an amazing red Mercedes! Though the signal had turned green we couldn’t cross the signal as the light changed back to red. The Mercedes stopped right next to our car. It was such a beauty. How could anyone not help but notice such a car’s amazing features from the tires to the 2.2-litre 170bhp 16V In-Line Engine, this card was an epic vehicle of all times. My friend got curious, he peered over trying to see who was driving the car. I was so mesmerized by the car’s beauty that I had completely forgotten about the driver of this mechanical beauty. “Yikes!! Look away dude!” my friend squealed. “What is it dude?” I asked him. I took a quick glance on the driver’s seat only to find a middle aged lady staring right back at me. I quickly looked away, the signal was still red. I bent head slightly only to find that she was still staring at me. I looked at her, she winked and blew a kiss at me. I turned my head with lightning-fast speed trying to ignore what I saw. I dug deep into my seat to block her from my vision. Thankfully, the light turned green. I did not say a word. My heart was racing so fast. She was a middle aged stranger women and I was 18.

After tenth I had changed my school quietly not telling anyone about what happened that day in school. I never spoke about sports cars, and dreaded to see Mercedes-driving ladies. Women think they can get away with everything. But maybe they are right to think that. Our judicial system had made it a point to empower women a century back. The twenty-second century, has been termed as the time of the women. The population of the males is lower than ever. Women do not want men in their lives. And a very few that are born, like myself, are subjected to this behavior every day. Businesses, trades, markets, roads, education all have been dominated by women ever since. We boys are not safe anywhere alone. I always want my mom to be around, whenever I go to shop for the daily grocery. I really feel a rage of anger for our forefathers, who shaped the women this way. If at that time, things would have normalized, maybe the women of today would not be so dominating. I always thought, that the fight of feminism that women had led was for equality. But maybe the rigid behaviour of the men of that time led to a more aggressive stance. Today the world is a women dominated world. Our Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers and Presidents are all women.

Now in my office, my boss is of course a lady because only women are allowed to reach the higher management. I was afraid of her because she was very intimidating. One day, I was doing my job, keeping my nose to my business. Boss came. She sat next to me and said petulantly “You haven’t been performing well lately” I looked at her fumbled, “But what did I do wrong, Ma’am?” I couldn’t understand what she meant. My performance had been pretty good from what I understood from my appraisal form. I thought she was going to shout at me, she seemed manic. But she sat down next to my desk and suddenly replied in very hushed tone, “Oh no need to call me mam. We are friends and we can discuss all the problems. Find a solution together”, she winked. What happened next was much unexpected, “Come out for dinner with me tonight, I will teach everything to you dear”, she licked her lips seductively. The world “dear” was spoken with a lot of emphasis. A shiver ran down my spine.

This world couldn’t take me down like this. All my life women have been overpowering me. They are dominant in this world. It is a women’s world they say. They can do anything, just anything! Why on earth why! 😦

Earth 2: The world where are possibilities are possible.

Don’t you think women in our world are feeling this way on this Earth? Do you think there might must be a parallel universe where we men might just be suffering the same way or maybe the next century is going to actually be like this? What will you do if it does!? Don’t you think it is high time we start putting our manners together and behave? Because if one day the world turns around a 360 degrees, what would you do? I hope we can stop for the better. Grow up men, grow mentally. Respect Women. You never know when Earth 2 becomes a reality

Who am I? Well I am the male protagonist of this whole story.

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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