Dare to dream

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate

I looked out the window

the cold winds danced around the trees

My baby heart fluttered with happiness

after all this time, always it has been

a bird that wished to fly far far away

I hesitated for a while, was this right?

Baby heart smiled,” what’s right and what’s wrong?

it’s just a perception of your thoughts”

“How can you be so sure”, I asked

“It’s simple, it doesn’t matter what you do,

don’t hesitate when you look at the sky”

Be free to let your thoughts run wild

Be free from the world pulling you down

“Yes, because today you smile, because you DARE TO DREAM”

Be free to be the way you want to be

Be free from all your fear,

Be free and dare to dream.


Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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