Love. Part 2

Love is an autonomous feeling

a sense of intangibility with value

you can’t get away with love

you can’t take it away.

Love is an autonomous feeling

Love can be restored,

love can restore you.

You promise to love,

you are promised to be loved

Love sees you through,

you see through love.

You don’t understand it yet,

it understands you.

You keep going,

it follows you.

You drown in love,

love raises you up.

Love tangles you blind,

you blindly trust love.


It can rejoice, it can touch, it can create, it can destroy, it is magic, it creates magic,

What all love is and what all is it not!?

I do not seem to have enough words better to explain.

So do yourself a favour, LoVE YouRSELf! :*




Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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