Year 2017- I have waited for you for long.

via Daily Prompt: Year

Dear Year 2017,

Finally you are here! It has been really long since I have been thinking to reach you.

And it has been a long struggle.

Finally it will all come to a full circle and I have a really good feeling about you being in my life.

You will be the one to change my life completely

and finally give the reigns of my life to me.

I’ll be the best that I could ever be

because today we  start our journey together forgetting every past,

forgetting all regrets, forgetting all the world’s worst,

bringing all the world’s best.

Let’s try to make it happen,

I’ll be free and you will be with me

hence life would give us a glimpse of what it can be!

We will change the world,

we will change ourselves.

And life would be just near perfect.

I don’t want it to be completely perfect!

Because then how will it become better and better every day?

So let us bring the hope back,

bring the positivity to our life!

Thank you for coming! Finally it all begins! :*


Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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