The Condemned Love

It is a very funny question indeed,

Why do people condemn love,

Why do they avoid it.

They try to prove it is wrong,

and what of those people who kill in name of god,

who seek violence over silence.

What of those people with such anger that they vent out,

what of the screams of innocents?

People condemn love, but they seek love.

Nor everyone in this world finds love,

not everyone is capable of it.

Because it requires courage,

Because it requires strength.

Those of whom, who don’t find love,

those of whom, who think twice before they trust anyone,

they are not capable for love.

Because love requires freedom of thy heart,

Because love requires you to stand up for it.

Why do 70% of people don’t have anyone to love,

it is because only 30% of the population has the spirit of loving.

The rest are just too afraid of the word,

of what the society would say, of what their parents would say,

of what the others are thinking of.

But those of whom have tasted the venom of love

Can not be condemned or doubted upon,

because inside them lies a secret desire

to shower their tender hearts with all the fascinations of love.

Those who are capable of loving

Only those who have the courage to feel

will be willing to gulp the venom again and again

to purify the poison of worldly pleasures.

Then and only then would the taste

of a hasty heaven would touch upon thy lips,

when you take the first step on love’s stairway.

Those who walk this unearthly boulevard

would find it hard to believe

that life without this route was senseless

and they will only smile slyly down upon those would didn’t have the courage to take that first step.

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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