How Dead Pool made my day

Many of us wondered what this character is, in fact to tell you the truth i didn’t even know that such a character actually exists. I am crazy lover of super heroes. Since my “bachpan” (childhood) I always wanted to be one myself. The age of Robocop, Spiderman, Powerpuff girls (come on they were super heroes too!) and so many more. The lives of the 90’s kids were shaped around these amazing characters for long. Now look at the quality of cartoons they present to the kids these days. Seriously! I wouldn’t say anything about them but simply put they aren’t interesting anymore! So when Dead Pool came into presence I was really interested to know about him. Even though my male friends knew about him, but the real taste of him could only be received by the talented real hero Ryan Reynolds. I couldn’t believe this amazing super hero who doesn’t call himself a super hero, who talks to the audience or the reader, who makes funny exclamations when the villain runs away, who obviously talks so so much like many of our superheroes and who kills uglier than anybody I have ever seen! Yuck! He kills like a beast with no control. But still even then he is so cute and charming and will make your day.

His basic style that appeals to us is his sarcasm, charm, jokes, and presence of mind. The presence of mind is actually the essence of all the rest. This nature that he developed after being bumped by life a lot many times, tells us one simple thing, don’t cry and be chill, move on, be cool and be awesome! No matter what happens to you nothing can be so bad, and trust me nothing can be worse than what happens with him! I mean poor Wade Wilson, gets cancer, leaves the love of his life, becomes a lab rat, get super healing powers and gets quite caught up with his appearance. Seriously people we must stop crying about that little pimple we get during the day which gets vanished another morning. Look at Wade Wilson all the cancer cells up on and I don’t know what science is there and he becomes all ugly (no offence, I still love him!).

So Dead pool makes my day, anyday. He is an example for me. He tells me to be chill and not worry about it so much because one day I’ll also be able to solve the problem. I just need patience and belief. He makes me laugh and I can watch Dead Pool movie (credits to Ryan Reynolds who fought for it to be made) all over again, and again.

Keep Smiling and keep DEADPOOLING 😛 😉

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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