Inside the Shut Glasses

When the hour of the day started

My first hope was for the best

But slow and steady Déjà vu started creeping upon me

I’m still hopeful for the best

Trying to see a silver lining and a new zest

Now I’m doing what I do best

Weeping my heart out through words afresh

The winds are blowing like a lion running in the forest

Desperate for his prey, ready to kill

They rush past the tight shut glasses

Whimpering with happiness, mocking my silence

They tell me now and then

We are free and going away

And I look at them and smile

For  those are dusty winds coming alright

Calling upon the earthlings,

That “hey it will rain all night”

I hope my imagination is right,

For we have longed for the heat to subside

All things are good in limits,

Summer and winter alike

But how earth is changing is visible only now

Globally warm and unusually cold

Every now and then the weather mocks us

Tells us that nature has one mighty right

That is not under any human’s power

To control or to hide

Humans, who sit behind those tight shut glasses

sighing every time they see the sky change color

nature just pulls out it’s tongue and mocks their silence

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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