Many people would think

That I drag things on

But I need my closure

Things left unsaid make me uncomfortable

Is that bad?

Yes it may be because not everything is meant to be said

And not everyone says it

But I need my closure

I need to struggle to get my answers

I regret it sometimes

People close to me call me a fool

They tell me I should not over think

But I need my closure

To end it all, or to start over

Many might get their hopes high

Many might think I’m crazy

But I need my closure

Because it satisfies my heart

We all need a closure and I don’t think

It’s wrong or right

We need that patience and we need to do it

Because it soothes our heart

And we need a closure

Because it answers all our queries

It stops enraging thoughts

That’s why I need a closure

A closure is good

It stops the radio in your mind.

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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