The sparkle in my eyes was all that could tell
The moment of reminiscence, and rejoice
My sister was coming back home
For a holiday from a job she had got long back
It had been an year only actually, but it was the best feeling
You could never imagine what’s it like when your sibling comes back
unless you know how it feels when they’re not around
This was my time
Although I had experienced this before
But it had been four years ago
when she had left for hostel in school
Now from the past four years, her college life, we were together
And we had gotten so close to each other,
we had grown up
We fought less and less, physically!
once there was a time when
She used to slap me and I used to scream and scratch her all over
But that was long back
Now we fought only by words
and sometimes her little angry slaps
But since she has gone for the job
We have grown up into a mature world
Now whenever she comes back it feels like a relief
That I’m not the only attention for my parents
And that I can crack stupid jokes only she understands
And we can laugh on them all over again
This was important since we lived each day of our childhoods with the same jokes
And still till date they feel so fresh and alive
Sometimes I felt stupid smiling
while remembering them sitting alone in my classroom
I couldn’t crack them because my friends won’t laugh
And they won’t understand, but God forbid they were hell funny!
If only those people were there when they were cracked!
Five years gone, she married and I was very very happy
But the only thing I realised very very late was the fact
That now she won’t come back home here
She would go back home there in her house
This was the place she would only visit
Still her family is amazing and I am happy that she is happy
But it hurts bad to remember how we used to live,
engrossed and pushing our noses into each other’s lives
It was fun , intimidating and yet a feeling of safety and trust
Now things are too different the love is still there
the protectiveness is still there
but she is different now
She is a woman, with her life and her husband
She cannot really share everything with me
She does not really have the patience for my stupid chit chat sometimes
Because she has seen grave things
Protected me all along to.keep my innocence
But she has seen a lot
Yet I wouldn’t say I hate her when she thinks I’m  talking crap
I do get angry with her for like 5 minutes
And then we start talking about how life is in the future how it will be
She misses me dearly,
she cracks our jokes and my jiju doesn’t understand them
And she tells him I should have been there to laugh
It’s funny how we remember each other
We are sisters
Always there for each other
I can’t forget my years of life with her,
she was with me 24×7
The rest of the years to till date
the reminiscence of love and passion still remain
We don’t live together anymore
We do fight, we do disagree
But people don’t understand one thing that
We are always together
We love each other
And we will do so forever
She will cut down anyone who tries to attack me
And I will kill anyone who tries to hurt her
So basically yeah, we are assassins!
Waiting to spring in front for each other
It’s funny how this sounds but gravely true as it may
Sisters always stay together

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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