The Book Unread

There once was a book unread

Building through his chapters

He just stayed

His vision was far sighted, his dreams unheard of

Many came and went

but rarely did they try to uncover his secrets

Once an angel picked him up

His spirits went up to the clouds

She read through his mysterious demeanor

Rarely understanding the meaning or depth any deeper

Sometimes when she kept him away his pages rattled

With a crying wail,

She used to smiled but had lost the interest

little did she understand as she crept further

there was still a lot read,

but one needed the power to read between those lines

but in her there wasn’t that will,

One day she left him alone

Back to the shelf where no one came, lone

there he was again, still the book that was unread.

One day a playful one,

Came looking for another fun

She had read many books,

yet she was to discover another one

she found him lying on a lonely shelf

where no one came, no one noticed him

his title was interesting that grabbed her attention

his story line wasn’t far away from her attraction

The book had many chapters

A series of mysteries that were yet to be uncovered

A combination of suspense and romance

Each page brought her to a brand new glance

He was a book that was yet to be read

He was a book that she wouldn’t forget

He was a book of her extremes

Each time she read, she found new dreams

His heart was hysterical, he couldn’t believe his luck

Here he had found, the reader and author

Together they again created their chapters of life.

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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