Love is not just a feeling

Love is a phase

Love is a phase, of our never ending lives

the never ending moments of our lives

A feeling that has no end

Then does that means Life is love


For all those we find

In our lives or outside

this feeling comes and goes

Everyone you meet is directly or indirectly

related to love,

We love to love

We love to hate

But these people matter in all this haste

When I asked this question

They said to me, love is a great feeling


Love is not just a feeling

it is endless, eternal

Some said to me

For when you care for someone

More than yourself, that is love

Can you believe that?

Can you take care of someone more than yourself?

If yes, then yes you Do know Love

You can’t deny

That you love

At least one person

At least one thing

A book maybe, or maybe your pet?

But more than yourself.

Yes! You Know Love

But what did you feel when I asked you this question

What is love?

You felt scared,

Or did you feel sad that you don’t know about it?

But think again

Don’t you?

Some told me that they get attracted

“Attraction is when get you blown away with their presence”

Yes it is indeed, but that’s love too!

“My world turns upside down”

Everything is centered to that person

 They turn your life around

It is a kind of Love, a phase of a lower degree

Definitely powerful with full valor

No matter how difficult it is

To get that one glimpse, it is worth it all

Head over heels for someone enigmatic.

Then they said there’s one feeling

Infatuation, that they experience too!

“it was something that felt like confusion”

But then phases of love do bring up a confused soul

A fight between the heart and  the brain

between what is wrong and what is right

is this just a temporary game?

Of course it is temporary,

What did you think?

It gives your heart flutters and nothing else

before it ends

One said to me Love is overrated

And yet he/she defined it with such simplicity

You have to fall in love

Yet you can’t climb, you rise in Love.

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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