Now that you are gone

Emptiness in the dark times
Helpless when things would seem
Your presence your essence was the best thing
You smile your innocent smile, told me
There was still life in the corner of melancholy
That there was still hope and you are with me
Now that you are gone, I find it hard to breathe
Don’t understand what I did wrong,
To make you so sad, so hard to just stay with me
I feel like a part of me has disappeared
Like the only insane part of me left my side
The insane self my alter ego you were,
I could lose all my built up thoughts
Of how I should be, just let go of all the worldly rules
I didn’t have to think about how I am
Didn’t have to think what I am saying,
I was free, free to be my own
With you I searched all the craziness inside me
All the things people couldn’t see
All the things that I wanted to be, I shared them all with you
All the things I wanted to have, I told you without being judged
You my little girl, you were with me in all times.
Please don’t go, as you are needed
Much needed as the breath of air in my world.

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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