Good morning

Good morning fellow readers!

So today I came to college and found out that I am just too early! Really strange to reach to early today. While I was waiting for my best friend to come I ate my breakfast and felt happy to reach well on time. Early is better than late or never!

When all my classmates had come but our teacher didn’t I rang him up and found that he isn’t coming! Our teacher was ill and now I was free for three hours!

Sucks to sit in this single room for three hours with nothing to read or do. Now to pass my time I am writing next to nothing.

But I won’t be disheartened. Every time very moment is an opportunity and that’s why I am using this time to write on my blog. After all not all moments are about poems which is my expertise. Sometimes I am good to go with just writing.

So this bright morning I want to give this world a message. Stay happy stay calm. You never know what good there is in the moments to come in your life. I am glad to be able to see this bright sun and feel the fresh air. I am lucky. And so are you!

Be Happy happy

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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