As I walked on the muddy road
Eucalyptus trees were getting cut down
They were being cut down to clear the muddy path
Maybe they had fallen from a long gone storm
Maybe they just fell uprooted off the ground
I walked and walked under the shade
Beautiful scent nurtured my brain
A cool breeze touched my face
I took a breath, and closed my eyes
And felt a shiver go down my spine
There it was, as we walked
Right there, right in front of us
So close to the edge, so close cross
The border was near, in a blink of an eye
We had come to see this from a long way on
There it stood our national flag
There it was that neighbour’s flank
Bordering the edges of the two nations
My proud soldiers guarded my nation
I walked with the crowd,
All of us excited
I walked straight to the stands,
Sat down on the second special row
As I scanned the crowd,
And the well maintained ground
I was mesmerized with the view
The faces of those women
From the other side
The excitement from their men
The craziness from our side
Men and women alike
All cheering as one
Exhilarated by patriotism
My mind, my heart sang with delight
I saw my soldiers, work it out
Parading through their ranks
Performing a show on this well staged round
Both sides were so dramatic
Making faces, acting out a scripted play
The comedy had a tinge of enmity,
Roaring over the crowds
Of different nationality
They banged their guns
And growled out loud
The crowd swayed to
The rhythm of their feet
We clapped and laughed
We cherished each moment
With a round of applause
I have to say, I was near the border
And a watched a “Street play”

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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