Humans have founded amazing ways to fight with each other. They sometimes do have some reasons and sometimes no reasons at all to quarrel over things that don’t matter. It was rightly said in the movie “pk” that there are two kinds of gods in this world. One who made the universe, who made us all and the other one which was made by us. We don’t know if these “stories” which define our “religions” are true or not. They were just made some time back, but do they have any valid basis. These stories definitely have some mythical basis, from the various proofs that have been found in written scripts; do they actually define religion as it is broadcasted today? Humans have this tendency of finding the Power into something superior to them. They want to believe that there is some super natural power right above them; which is greater than them, more powerful than them. Humans just find it hard to believe that everything that can be done can be done by them also. No god comes down to help us out in the times of crisis. There are many theories, according to many of them god was not a supernatural being but actually a human being. Like Jesus Christ, is believed to be a human a son-of-god who did a lot of out-of the-way deeds to help the mankind. Another theory was tested in the book series The Immortals of Meluha, in which Lord Shiva is described as actually a human being, who did extraordinary things to help the people. There are many more theories, but no one dares to believe in them. We just want the God figure to be a super natural, super powerful and a massive idol for everyone. But if god wanted us all to fear him, to believe that he is the only one ruler of all our lives, then why would he give us so much power to Think, to justify and to verify if whatever is being said is right or wrong? God did leave us some messages, or maybe sent those messages through some of his messengers, like Jesus and Guru Gobind Singh. They made us those holy books; they gave us these books believing that we will understand what God actually is. But instead of learning and understanding, we started interpreting them on our own terms. And god ensured that we get these books everywhere, and so The Quran, The Bible, The Gita and what not were made. According what I know, all these books talk about the same thing. They tell us the same concept, that God is one, all the religions are same, all humans are equal, everyone should respect each other, everyone should be truthful, everyone should not cause harm to others and so on and on. It’s all the same, every book tells you the same things, and every “religion” is the same. The only difference is the rituals that the people perform that makes it look different. I don’t think any book defined any rules to follow a particular religion. They were human made! And that is the reason which sprouted the word “religion”. Hence the riots, the fights, the discrimination, the so-called “God-saving” practices. It was all human made. And I must call it a human made error! Because it was an error, the one stupid human who started this, and I am sure only one of them started it, made it a wide-spread disease. As it is said, that when you keep on repeating a lie a thousand times and with conviction in front of a million people, they start believing that is it true. This is how a religion has been made in the recent past, creating a massive crowd of mobs who don’t know where they are heading. They follow a leader like a herd of sheep. A leader who tells them a few things with wholehearted conviction that this is how one should be or this is how our religion defines us to be. But is that all true? Is religion actually true? Are all the people who call themselves “God-man” are true? If enlightenment is the last stage of finding god and a very few who take their time off the material world can find it, then how have so many people started claiming that they are God’s men or God’s voice and his messengers? It is for us to decide, what we follow. Do we follow a Religion or do we follow God himself.

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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