Letting her go

A beautiful woman came into my life
My hard stone heart began to sublime,
My rudeness to the world began to shatter
My restless soul no longer seemed battered,
It didn’t matter to me how the birds fly
Or how the sun shines,
It was all the same
The boring old trend that came every time
But you had a different vision,
You gave me opinions on how it should matter
I used to laugh when you said, “Oh look the rain, it so romantic”
I used to think, “What’s so nice! It causes clutter and all the traffic”,
You shook your head in such disbelief
But I looked at life without so much ease
Now that I turn back and try to see
I was just torn apart and you brought me in one piece,
That woman had zeal to life
She did everything with passion and pride
She had her ambitions; she had her moment in time
She fought with everyone who questioned her
She fought for her children and for her life
But She was courageous in the worst of times,
 And now I am letting her go
To give her a second chance,
 I am letting her go
To be honest with myself,
I am letting her go
To make her cute children smile,
I am letting her go
To give those loved ones their daddy again,
I am letting her go,
I am advising her to forget all sorrows
I am telling her to forgive her man,
For he is really sorry for his misdeeds
I am letting her go
To give this man another chance
I am letting her go
To take the right stand,
I won’t tell her how much I love her
I won’t tell her how much I need her,
I won’t be able to stop myself from crying
But I won’t be a good friend,
If I prevent her from trying
May she lives a life better than before
She will have troubles, but I am sure she would be sure
About whatever decision now she makes
I will see her smile and her kids laugh at the end
Maybe it’s said rightly in love,
If it’s yours just let it go
If it comes back then it was truly yours.

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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