Season’s greetings, they give you everywhere
I give a season’s story.
One fine winter morning, I was going about my business
The daily chores of life
The routine work of time
I got ready in a rush-rush hour,
Running around the house
With all my possessions apart,
When I stepped outside,
The cold chilly winter morning
Welcomed me with open arms.
Dashing towards the sprinting road
I covered my face and ears from cold,
My ride came in a few minutes of wait
Getting inside was like a manna from heaven
Finally I took a deep breath,
the warmth inside the car
Snugged me up to the fullest extent,
I watched the cold wave outside the windows
Trees dancing off the cool breeze in the parks
And in no time the thick layer of the misty fog
Started crumbling in front of our speeding car,
Flying we went to a world unknown
For all we could see
Was another hundred feet of the road,
But that didn’t matter
Now that we didn’t find any congestion
We glided through the haze without a congregation,
We reached our college right on time
Without being delayed and without any dime
For we had lost our bet at once
We had reached destination even before nine!

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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