The story of a little girl

A little girl walking down the road
staring at her Self getting elude
Smiling she went,to evryone she met
her sparkling eyes,her beutiful lies
her chubby cheeks,her dimple so deep
the voice so sweet
Loving and teaching it to everyone,
she lived her life under the glow of the sun,
But a path taken wrong,
went to a place,
No one could warn!
(It was the devil’s lare
So dark so deep with fear!)
though she cud not see,
it was disguised in a beautiful flare,
sO lovely,so yummy to resist its share,
went in with excitement, she wasin love with its air,
“Who goes there?”,the voice of the owner
,seeing his eyes,his dark hair
she fell to ground and cudnt move
what she saw,made her crude
to the world outside,
this was her master and he was her hide
She hid herself down under,
never coming not surrender
the love for the master made her mad,
when she realised it was a laid down plan,
its too late to go back,
too much to have,
fighitng is the only way to find her way back
her biggest fear today,
is loving back again
what went wrong?


is a dark secret,she unveiled…

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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