School life and college life are for sure the opposites of each other. In school, everything is limited, bounded between the walls of rules and childishness. On the other hand, college life is abundance of everything, abundance of love, abundance of friendship and loyalties, abundance of freedom, abundance of happiness.
It is the time when we are a little responsible but have no responsibility. We seem to be doing a lot at one point of time and nothing at all at another. There is a lot of emotional balance in college, where it was an emotional imbalance in school.

Your friends are true, honest and inspiring. Budding with new ideas, college people are ready the coolest of all! School only shaped life around the studies and the syllabus. College shapes our life entirely around ourselves. It is no more about studies; it’s about your passion, your interests, your habits and qualities. College cannot really be hated, like school is, except yes the common factor between the two “studies”. College life also has abundance of that!

But all the other factors dismiss the pain and agony given by the syllabus. Best times are yet to come, because in the first year we spent time in knowing each-other. Now the real fun begins! 

Author: IJYA

I am a crazy dreamer and a talkative writer. A rare combination! ;)

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